*Content call*

Hi everyone!

Please see below for the content call for this term’s print publication of The Witness. We’ve suggested some broad themes and topic areas as a guideline, but if there’s anything else you’d like to write about, please feel free to get in touch!

You’re encouraged to draw not just on current affairs and news stories but also other political/IR theories and philosophy when writing your articles – this can be anything from neo-liberalism or socialism, to realism or nationalism.

If any of these catch your eye, or if they don’t and you’ve got an idea of your own you’d like to write about, please email Becca at rsm215@exeter.ac.uk or Will at wp258@exeter.ac.uk before you start writing. All we need is a brief outline of your ideas to ensure that no ideas are replicated. We’re also more than happy to offer advice if you’d like to write a piece but aren’t quite sure what about or where to start.

Word length: the maximum word limit will be either 700 words or 1200 words (either a single page or double page spread) – if you have a preference for how long you’d like your article to be, please state this in the email, otherwise we can give you some advice.

Deadline: the deadline for submissions is Sunday 5th November, so if possible please ensure you email your ideas with plenty of time to write your article.If you think you’ll struggle to reach this, please let us know and we may be able to allow an extra few days, and on the flip side if you would like to submit your articles earlier please do!

If you would like to write about any of the following, please email Becca at rsm215@exeter.ac.uk:

Middle East
– Role of the West
– Local power relations

European separatist movements
– Catalonia
– Scotland

Global order / International governance
– Effectiveness of the UN
– Future of the EU
– China as an emerging hegemon
– Russia’s role in the Middle East
– Russia’s relationship with Europe

If you would like to write about any of the following, please email Will at wp258@exeter.ac.uk:

– Negotiations
– Deal possibilities
– Party policies

– North Korea
– Gun laws
– White supremacy

– Inequality
– Terror attacks
– Current political class
– Is capitalism failing? (This can be written about in a global context as well)

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