‘Shadowing’ – A caricature

This week, regular contributor Will Grosse produced a caricature representing Labour’s recent reshuffle.

The Tories trying to paint the Shadow Cabinet reshuffle as a show of Labour’s disunity, as well as a possible split between Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner, tells you all you need to know: they’re worried. And rightly so; whilst not the ‘Big Beasts’ of old, it was a markedly more competent (and confident) front bench sat opposite the Prime Minister at this week’s PMQs. Yvette Cooper, one time Secretary of State and candidate for the Labour leadership (where though endorsed by the Guardian, would lose out to Jeremy Corbyn), replaces Nick Thomas-Symonds as Shadow Home Secretary. Fresh-faced Wes Streeting comes in for Jon Ashworth shadowing the Department of Health, quick to thank the NHS staff who helped him recover from kidney cancer earlier this year, vowing to repay them. David Lammy, who takes over the Shadow Foreign Office from Lisa Nandy, is probably the most controversial of the three – once an ardent campaigner for a second referendum on the terms of Brexit – but has earned praise for his passionate Parliamentary style, as well his work on racial equality. He and Cooper both have experience in working under a Labour government. The three shadow ministers they replace retain their positions close to Keir Starmer, but in different capacities.

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