CONTENT CALL – Autumn 2019 Edition

Dear all,

We are now taking submissions for articles for this autumn’s print edition of The Witness.

Please submit your articles to us at

The deadline is NOVEMBER 20th.

Articles must be within either 500 or 1000 words.

We have included the following bullet points just to help you out if you’re struggling for ideas. This is by no means an exhaustive list, feel free to write about any idea you think might be interesting (keep in mind that there is a few weeks between submitting your articles to us and the journal being printed so opinion pieces work better than specific current affairs).

UK General election
– Local candidates
– Party specific

Scottish Independence
– Emergence of alliances
– Disinformation

– New technologies
– Extinction Rebellion

International Politics
– South America – Chile
– India
– Elections across the globe.

Middle East
– Lebanon
– Unrest in Iraq
– Turkish invasion of Rojava.
– Israeli election and coalition-building.

American Politics
– Katie Hill
– Impeachment
– Democratic presidential nominee race
– Withdrawl from Paris Climate Accord.

State of Global Democracy 

Political History and Ideology

Social Justice

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